Bausch & Lomb Please Make Lumify Eye Drops Without Benzalkonium Chloride

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Update #1: Thank you for signing and please remember to share!

Hi Everyone, Thanks for signing the petition! We're close to our first hundred signatures and need a lot more before I contact Bausch + Lomb. I recently found out that B+L got approval for a preservative-free allergy eye drop (based on their Alaway drop) so clearly they realize the need for preservative-free formulas! But with Lumify sales doing very well, we need to show them just how many people could benefit from a BAK-free version.  In order to do so, if everyone who receives this email could do the following two things: 1. Share the petition on every eye-related social media group you are connected with so that as many people see it as possible. 2. Add a comment to this petition in the "reasons for signing" section so that when B+L eventually receives this petition, they can hear directly from you about why this is important.  Here's the direct link to the petition: Thanks everyone for the support!

Drew Michelson
1 year ago