Petition to ask Bauer Media to keep Planet Rock nationwide

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Jan Davies
Jan Davies signed this petition

Please note: this petition is in no way endorsed by the station. I have started this petition to try to see if there's anything that can be done by Bauer Media for the thousands of people who listen to Planet Rock throughout the country. The switchover to D2 transmitters removed the channel for so many of us, that it can't be a good business decision. Many people do not have the broadband capacity for listening to online radio, nor the equipment, when we specifically bought digital radios to listen to Planet Rock. I'm not exaggerating, so many of us have spent £100s on digital radios for our homes and cars purely for the only rock station on DAB. The station was switched off the D1 transmitters just after 6pm on 18th April, 2016 and will play the looped retune announcements, until the end of the month. Please, Bauer Media, find a solution to allow so many of the Planet Rock listeners to continue listening to this great station.