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Battlefield 3 & 4: Battle Recorder Petition

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If you feel strongly about wanting battle recorder in BF3 & BF4 please take two minutes out to sign this official petition.

Please implement Battle Recorder for Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4

Battlefield recorder

A built-in game recorder records battles for subsequent replay. These files can be downloaded from a server which supports BattleRecorder directly after their respective game. Recorded battle files are around 1 to 8 megabytes in size and are played within the Battlefield 2 engine. Camera angles can be changed (free roaming & selected player), as well as the speed, though there is no rewind capability. Files can be exported to AVI format.The Battlefield Recorder has facilitated the creation of various machinima. Usage of the PunkBuster service is mandatory for all official ranked Battlefield 2 servers, but optional for unranked servers.

We represent and this topic is really important for the whole community, it is a feature we have been waiting and asking for now for many months and are being totally ignored, without battle recorder video editors and e-sports communities are doomed.

The lack of response has now brought me to making this petition as even tho we run a community for this game they do not even reply to our emails!.

Without battle recorder the whole e-sports environment will never be taken serious, the promises are getting tiresome and i know the community feel the same.

Winning this campaign is now in your hands. We need to reach out to as many friends as we can to grow this campaign and win.

Thanks for your support.


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