Bring Robot Combat back to UK Television

Bring Robot Combat back to UK Television

6 January 2021
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Started by Alex Haslett

Do you remember Robot Wars?  Do you miss robot combat on television or are you after something different and exciting to watch?

If so please sign this petition, my goal is to show that there is enough interest in the UK to get BattleBots shown on UK television.

What is BattleBots some of you might be asking..

BattleBots is the biggest Robot Combat show on earth, where the best Robot builders worldwide come to compete.  Some may think it's geeks destroying each others toys, but when you watch it you see that they are real people from all age groups and all walks of life.  They are following their passion and it is thrilling to watch.  

The UK is well represented and many of the teams that you may remember from Robot Wars now compete there.

I remember when I was younger watching Robot Wars in awe of what they were doing.  I have seen it inspire people to follow careers in mechanics, engineering and electronics and my hope is the next generation can also be inspired by the sport.  

It is a family friendly show that all age groups can enjoy. It's possibly the only show that I can view with my family and friends for everyone to enjoy, each guessing who they think will win the next battle.

We are moving into a new world with everything from self driving cars to drone delivery and it is the next generation that are going to be a key to that. BattleBots encourages and inspires both young and old alike.

If we get enough signatures on this petition we can show the Television networks that we want to see this programme. So come on, show your support and sign this petition.




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This petition had 2,407 supporters

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