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Bring Back the Pobst to the KF FB Group + support our Cause for Mutiny with Batman

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Hey KFBFFLes and allies, your favorite liberal progressive and Batman here.

I just want to share something that is deep inside my heart.

Do you think that Blake Pobst getting a temporary ban but not being allowed back in because he is associated with other groups that have “trollish” behavior by a certain mod here is a little unjust?

Sounds like we’ve got a serious free thought issue here. As a real liberal progressive and Batman who fights crime and injustice, I fully condemn this.

Also, Dylan Blight from the KF Moderator team made fun of my military service by saying mutiny was not an option... I'll fucking show him what Mutiny really is and looks like with this!

Together, we can fight injustice against the authoritarian KF mod/admin team and show them some good ole' USA FREEDOM(Not the type where we bomb other countries to take their oil and call it freedom, just the type where we can crack open some cold ones with the boys (and also the girls)). 

Also, how can we be best friends if we excommunicate each other and can't talk about the ones who have left under unjust circumstances?

There must be some community power allowed. The constitution of Best Friendship allowed us the right to rise up against authoritarian mods and admins within the KF FB group, and we must rise up and create this mutiny together!

Have a pleasant night!

Batman out!

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