Erect a National Flag at Mount Panorama Circuit

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Australian owned Penrite Oil Company has made a number of approaches to the Bathurst Regional Council seeking to assist in the construction of a flag pole at Mount Panorama; home of the world famous Bathurst 1000, Bathurst 12 Hour and 6 Hour endurance racing events.

The flag pole would sit above the synonymous 'Mount Panorama' side of mountain signage. These approaches have been refused for reasons relating to resources, construction and maintenance.

National flags are proudly flown at major international motor racing events including NASCAR, IndyCar, Formula One and Moto GP all over the world. Symbolism of our national pride is the only thing missing from the home of several of the world’s greatest endurance based motor races. 

In addition to the Australian national flag, in respect of the area’s traditional custodians, the flag pole at the top Mount Panorama should also include a symbol of significance, whether that takes the form of a second flag or another fitting acknowledgement.

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