Stop £100 Parking Eye fines in the George & Dragon Car Park, Batheaston. Bath.

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Parking charges were recently introduced at a previously free parking area. These insist on 20p minimum charge for 30 minutes parking in the George & Dragon Car Park. These are monitored by Parking Eye, a business that relies on customers falling foul of the parking regulations to make profit.

Local residents have reported £200 fines despite being customers of local businesses and registering as advised.

Although we appreciate that efforts were needed to stop the P&R fraternity who left cars parked all day, a half hour or one hour limit would serve to benefit the local community and support local businesses.

In a recent survey on the residents association Web page, where almost 200 locals expressed an opinion. Over 70% have decided to use businesses elsewhere. Thus putting the future of local businesses at the heart of the community under threat, specifically the George & Dragon pub and the Batheaston Post Office.