No detriment policy for Bath Spa University

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Whilst students at Bath Spa appreciate that the University are facing a demanding set of circumstances, the vast majority of us are really struggling. As students the pandemic and in particular the recent unpredictable actions of our PM are really taking a toll on our routines and our mental health. A major repercussion of this means our grades are being impacted. I think we can all agree a no detriment policy helped us through the last semester. The circumstances we are in now are even worse than before as many of us have other aspects of our lives being messed around; jobs, family, living arrangements. Not to mention the actual number of cases and deaths are higher than ever before, it is so difficult to keep university as a priority when everything in our lives is being affected. University students have never had to deal with something like this and the fact that we haven’t been given any support for our grades yet we are expected to produce the same standard of work is ridiculous. A lot of us are seriously concerned about the outcome of our degrees, as this is a grade we will have for the rest of our lives and we shouldn’t be held back in our careers because of something that we couldn’t control. 
The no detriment policy uses the average grading that we produced before the pandemic and so should be seen as a true representation of our abilities, it means students have to complete their assignments but won’t be penalised for a lower standard due to the pandemic however it wouldn’t hold us back if we were to produce work of a higher grade. In particular those of us in third year have much more pressure on us to perform highly this year due to it being worth 70% of our grade, this isn’t fair as the vast majority of our grade will be how we performed during a global pandemic. This is so unrealistic to expect students to be able to reach their goals during such a desperate and tough time for the whole world.
If students were to have the no detriment policy for the remainder of the pandemic we would all cope much better and the dropout rate would likely decrease. Students would be able to focus on the more important things such as mental health, physical health and concerns for our family.