Curtail anti social behaviour

Curtail anti social behaviour

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Started by tanya zabihi

MacDonalds in Bath city centre has a 24 hour license at weekends. As a result of being open these hours, it attracts a huge amount of undesirable people to its premises. This in turn has resulted in a huge number of violent incidents, drug dealing, and anti social behaviour. As a result there has been an increase in criminal offences many of which involve young innocent people. This has to stop. We need to make Bath safe again for our community.

There have been increasing incidents during the day outside MacDonalds because the same undesirables who frequent MacDonalds at night then go there during the day and create a dangerous and intimidating environment.

There have been increasing numbers of attacks on children and teenagers around The Southgate area where MacDonalds is. It has become a notorious hang out point.

The police tried to stop MacDonalds getting an all night license but our useless and incapable Council s allowed it.
If we all take a stand we will be helping our community and stopping violence and drug dealing.

72 have signed. Let’s get to 100!