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On the 13th March, 2018. UK Newspaper headlines reported a story detailing an incident that allegedly took place in a secondary school in Bath, in Somerset; where a group of seven white teenagers tied and whipped a young black pupil with sticks; whilst he was tied to a lamppost in a "mock slave auction".

After some investigation, the board of governors at the School released a statement relating to the incident saying that it involved a group of of children who were friends and was a one time only incident of unacceptable behaviour within the school grounds, and that a full investigation was being held in line with contacting the police, the schools procedures and the DofEs standard requirements.

Then action was taken to expel three of the teenagers involved- but then governors allowed them to return to class, whilst four other boys were only excluded for around a fortnight for their involvement in the matter.

This is totally unacceptable, and the school’s reaction show’s us that there is not enough work being done in order to tackle racism and bullying in our schools, and that there is lot to work to be done in this area.

Statistics show that, in the UK 20 children are being removed on a daily basis from their schools for racist abuse of their peers (2016) and the list of the incidents included; racist statements, harassments, taunting, racist bullying, and graffiti, and have risen by 20% since 2009.

The New Schools Network charity reports that since that time; more than 27,000 exclusions have been recorded for racial abuse; with 10% of these exclusions occurred in primary schools, and the true number of racial abuse in schools is expected to be far higher, since these numbers only counted for incidents if these are serious enough for exclusion.

Also,The British Youth Council warned in 2016, that racial discrimination is being covered up by schools in the UK to protect Ofsted ratings,and that incidents of racist and religious taunting are being dismissed as “banter”. And a report on racism and racial discrimination, by the council’s Youth Select Committee said attitudes towards racism and religious discrimination have become “normalised” in learning environments.

This is extremely worrying and if we want to moving forward, we must ensure that this is now a matter of priority on the agenda for decision makers. As this is the only way we can make positive changes against both racism and religious discrimination in our schools.

And this starts by permanently excluding these students in Bath and then insisting for stricter rules to tackle this ever growing problem !

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