Make Bates education loan-free and accessible to all!

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Bates College tries to make its education accessible and affordable to all qualified students. That said, there is still a lot of room for improvement and a big deal of change that needs to be made, particularly for low-income students and folks taking loans to afford their fees.  Bates Student Action acknowledges this problem and we are working towards a solution. Deal is, we need your help! Hoping that you help us through this, Bates Student Action's Affordable Education Campaign demands the following:

1) Bates College will replace loans given as part of its financial aid package with grants. To do so, additional funds will be allocated to financial aid, so the number of students that  Bates can support on financial aid is not reduced. Suggestions for funding include:

  • The Capital Campaign
  • The Endowment

2) Bates College will make textbooks more accessible to low-income students. This could look like:

  • Creating a fund that is allocated to subsidize textbooks for low income students (this fund should be applicable not just towards the Bates Bookstore, but also to online book sellers that may have lower prices).
  • Additional copies of textbooks being placed on the library reserve (at least 1 copy per 8 students enrolled in a course), and the ability to remove these books from library premises for at least one day.
  • Encouraging professors to use affordable textbooks.

3) Bates College will make Art and Visual Culture classes more economically accessible to low income students. This includes:

  - Eliminating the laboratory fees for the following courses:

  • AVC 207. Ceramics: Making Sculptural Form.
  • AVC 217A. Study Pottery 1.
  • AVC 217B. Study Pottery 2.
  • AVC 217C. Studio Pottery 3.
  • AVC 218. Photography 1: The Analog Image.
  • AVC 219. Photography 1: The Digital Image.
  • AVC 316. Printmaking Workshop.
  • AVC 318. Photography 2
  • AVC 319. Photography 3.
  • AVC s20. The Contemporary Still Life in Photography.
  • AVC s24.Ceramics: Making Sculptural Form.
  • AVC s25. The Japanese Tea Bowl.

  - Creating a fund that is allocated to subsidize art supplies for low income students     (this fund should be applicable not just towards the Bates Bookstore, but also to       online vendors).

4) Bates College will increase the transparency of its finances. This includes:

  • A full breakdown of expenses for the following categories:

                $40 million spent on instructional expenses
                $16 million spent on auxiliary enterprises
                $16 million spent on institutional support

  • Upon the student’s acceptance, a full explanation of the student’s financial obligations to the college should be given. This includes:

                 - The institution’s expectations for fulfilling work study
                 - Potential for change in financial aid and loans
                 - Annual increase in tuition

  • A comprehensible explanation of the algorithm used to calculate financial aid issued on the college’s website