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Give us our Burger/OJ and Chip Rewards back!

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Recently Pretty Simple the creators of Criminal Case on Facebook, rolled out a new feature to our game called Collection Mode. In doing so there are a few changes for the players. One major change is the ability to collect OJ, Chips or Burgers for completing a Case in Regular Mode, they have taken that feature away from us. This change greatly impacts the newer players or players that need to build their energy which allowed them to progress in their game. These items went directly into the player's "Inventory" to replenish their energy, it gave them the ability to play longer and eliminated them having to wait for energy. They have replaced our Energy with items that the players feel are not helpful to our game. In my humble opinion when they tie our hands where Energy is concerned how do they expect some players to have enough Energy built up to replay these Cases 3x? Once for the New Cases....then Elite Mode and finally they want us to play Collection Mode now...that's a lot of energy that would be required and they start taking away our energy resources? Doesn't make sense to me.

This petition is to encourage Pretty Simple to reconsider the Rewards at the end of REGULAR Mode and ELITE Mode and change it back for us, doing so will allow the newer players to continue to build their inventories and enjoy playing the game as many of us have been able to. Please be fair to the newer players and also to those of us with minimal energy...we don't feel that's asking for too much.

[Game UPDATE May 12th,2016]
Pretty Simple has once again taken away an Energy source for us....they have now changed our Card Collections as well. Gone is the option to trade in for Chips/OJ and Coins. They have been replaced with the 3 different types of Boosters, the XP remains the same.

Please SHARE this petition if you strongly disagree with the recent changes....the more signatures we have, the more voices are heard. A big thank you to all of that signed and supported the's stronger because of you!

Pretty Simple it's time you listened to your players.....the players that made you successful and put you where you are today!

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