Stop 5G on the Bass Coast

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Petitioning to stop the progress of 5G infrastructure on the Bass Coast, until sufficient independent studies are undertaken.

We DO NOT consent to the installation and exposure of the 5G network. We ask our representatives at the Bass Coast Shire Council to respect and reflect the wishes of the community on this matter. 

Short summary: The old understanding of wireless technology being a safe and harmless part of modern lifestyle is outdated. Hundreds of scientific papers have confirmed a variety of health effects stemming from artificial EMF’s (electromagnetic fields). The new 5G rollout will significantly increase your exposure day and night, to microwaves and millimetre waves from multiple towers in each suburb of our coastal community. San Remo for example, is due to have 4 installed by Telstra in the near future.
We don’t want it, we don’t need it, so why risk it? Why expose our more vulnerable children and elderly to increased levels of radiation by controversial technology?

The key arguments we present in this petition are the following.

- Peer reviewed scientific papers have confirmed numerous health risks with wireless technologies.
- EMFs disrupt the human bodies circadian rhythm and natural ability to regulate bodily functions.
- Insects, such as bees are seeing immediate impacts from artificial EMFs.
- 5G is claimed to have been tested, however it only manages to satisfy an international radiation standard set in 1998 and does not reflect the conclusions of recent studies.
EMFs (electromagnetic fields), cell tower radiation and the 5G network are a fairly complicated field for the consumer to wrap their head around. We’ve done our best to simplify and summarise the technology and it’s concerns in layman’s terms for your understanding. If you do not have the time to read through all of the information we have provided, here is a quick fact sheet.


A closer look at 5G and the impending future of the Bass Coast

The Australian rollout of the highly controversial 5G network, is well underway. Being a couple of hours drive from Melbourne, we had suspected our coastal community would remain a safe haven for at least a year or 2. However, after speaking with Telstra this week, we’ve been made aware of their progress. 4 new towers are due to be installed in San Remo alone, as just one example of a smaller suburb within our district. Unfortunately for us, the telecom workers have begun marking out these installation sites already.

What is the big fuss over EMFs (Electromagnetic fields) and cell tower radiation? 

The simplest way to explain, the cell towers send out radio waves. These waves travel at different speeds, frequencies, distances and contribute to varied levels of radiation depending on the particular technology or generation we are referring to. Radio waves are essentially LIGHT below the visible spectrum of the human eye. Where does 5G sit in the equation? We’ll get to that shortly. 
The electromagnetic spectrum encompasses everything from the suns rays, microwaves, x rays, am radio and everything in between. 
We are fully aware of the health risks of over exposure to UV rays and x rays for example. Yet now scientists have discovered non ionising radiation, which includes your wifi, smart meter, microwave and cell phones are also causing harm to the human body and our environment, with heightened risk for children. While it may take several years for the intensity of these effects to be fully realised, there are many many scientific, peer reviewed studies that have confirmed there is indeed adverse health effects taking place (see link below). If a tower were to be installed near your home or workplace, you would essentially be swimming in a constant soup of increased radiation all day and night whether you desire it or not. You will be unwillingly acting as a guinea pig for this new controversial technology. Unless you speak up now. 

Why is 5G worse than previous generations?

Here’s a simplified explanation of the technology, the current 2G to 4G access across Australia is using lower range frequencies to disperse long distances from cell towers, the new 5G technology is an intensified, much higher frequency range that can not travel long distances well and this is why they plan to install multiple towers throughout every suburb. At short distances however, it is extremely powerful, in order to transmit fast downloads and power the future internet of things (IoT). The IoT being the futuristic world we’re headed to, where your toilet and refrigerator will have conversations with your home AI (Artificial Intelligence) and contact Woolworths to organise your grocery list for example. (No seriously). 

The older generations of cell towers, 2G to 4G use between 1 to 5 gigahertz frequency. 5G will use between 24 to 90 gigahertz for the mm wave (the mm wave is an intensified, directed signal to your device) as well as using the lower frequencies of previous generations on multiple wavelengths at the same time. So you will not only be exposed to the current cellular radiation, but additionally 5G and the mm wave. The mm wave has been shown to penetrate the skin. See study below.
Conclusion - “Millimeter waves penetrate into the human skin deep enough to affect most skin structures in the epidermis and dermis".

Not only will mm wave technology penetrate our skin, it will affect the fur, feathers, scales, leaves and cellular walls of all living beings and until further studies confirm the true cost of this gamble, we are left exposed to it. 

In order to see the big picture and understand the long term effects we may face from increased exposure, it is important to look at the smallest and most fragile species and see how they’re being affected in the short term from these technologies. 
Bees, undoubtedly being the most valuable living creature for human survival are the pollinators of our food, they are responsible for pollinating more than 35% of human food supply internationally. Several studies have now linked emf exposure to damaging the survivability of bee colonies and greatly disrupting bee behaviour and navigation, please see the link below.
If it can cause an immediate effect to the survival of our smaller friends, imagine the damage it’s causing over time to the human body on a cellular level. 

So what? A few bees are lost… How does this affect my health?

The real key to understanding EMFs (electromagnetic fields) and health costs in the short term, is to learn of our internal relationship with signals and radiation in the natural world. 
Humans are electromagnetic beings. Our body has a circadian rhythm, which is our internal, 24 hour body clock of physiological processes. The circadian rhythm is a combination of brain waves, hormone production and cell regeneration among other biological activities. These processes are modulated (influenced) by external factors such as sunlight and temperature. 
The best example is melatonin, the pineal gland secretes melatonin when the body experiences a reduction in the suns radiation and begins to prepare the body for rest. Artificial EMF from devices and towers send mixed signals at frequencies way outside those naturally occurring on earth to our body and it disrupts these normal processes. Resulting in imbalances of hormones, insomnia, headaches, depression and a myriad of other effects. Your body is being thrown out of it’s natural state. When the human bodies natural system is out of balance, disease is given the upper edge. Throw that information in with the new understanding of this radiation itself being carcinogenic and cancer causing (see study linking cellular radiation to heart tumours in rats) and you can easily speculate as to where we are headed. A breeding ground for illness and disease. It is very important at this point to not only feel concern for impending cell tower changes, but to take into consideration all of your devices positions within your home and their strength. A tower just down the road however, will be out of control of the individual. 

5G is carcinogenic? Doesn’t that mean we’ll all get cancer from 5G?

The reality is that we do not know the true extent and cost on the health of the individual in the short or long term. 5G is being relentlessly rolled out internationally without any tests on populations. All we know for sure is we have hundreds of genuine, peer reviewed, scientific studies that have concluded previous, less intense generations of cell radiation have true health risks. Everything from tumours, to changes in the structure of DNA, to causing electro-hypersensitivity. The risks are far reaching and we can only speculate as to the damages from the new, invasive and excessive exposure from 5G.
Please take the time to read through at least some of the conclusions of these studies in the links i’ve provided below. The effects are as varied as they are scary. 

Here is an extensive list of studies that place non ionising radiation under fire. Please click on “View authors abstract conclusions” when the page pops up, all studies marked with a green P are those that have produced results that confirm an effect is taking place.

Scientists are currently appealing to the WHO (World Health Organisation) that the 5G wireless signal should be moved from a Group 2B Carcinogen to a Group 1, the same as asbestos and arsenic. Please see the article below.

Now, does 5G adhere to current Australian regulations? Yes it does and this is how the rollout has been allowed to proceed, it adheres to the very same regulations that have not been updated in 21 years, the international regulations that still firmly deny any health risks associated with non ionising radiation and fails to reflect recent studies.

Here’s the statement from ARPANSA our governing authority on radiation. 

“For mobile telecommunications frequencies, the relevant standard enforced in Australia is the Radiation Protection Standard for Maximum Exposure Levels to Radiofrequency Fields – 3kHz to 300GHz (also called RPS3 or simply the ARPANSA Standard). At the frequencies considered in this study, the exposure limits it specifies are equivalent to those of the 1998 Guidelines published by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP).”

Industry funded science = Profit based results

It is our opinion that industry should have no involvement in the science. We must look to independent studies to form an unbiased opinion.
We must stop having blind faith in our governing authorities and corporations. When was the last time a major industry in Australia respected the health of the individual and the environment before profit? We share the same faith in telecom and ARPANSA’s integrity and moral responsibility as every other industry raping and pillaging our country in the name of profits. 
Did the Murray Darling Basin authority respect the environment when they allowed mass monoculture to bleed our rivers dry? 
Do the mining & oil industries respect the Australian environment and health of the individual? The governing authorities of those industries seem to be continuously sliding through deals with a constant nod of back door fuckery. They work for each other. Not for individuals and communities. Industry only cares about PROFIT. So why should you expect anything different from telecom? 

Thank you for your time, please find below a handful of useful links, some will require google translate. If any links are broken or outdated, please inform me. Included is a list of communities currently fighting back against 5G.
I am asking you collectively to sign this petition and make it known to our local council that you DO NOT CONSENT to the 5G network on the Bass Coast. 

Kind regards, concerned residents of the Bass Coast. 

Study linking 2G and 3G (Older, lower tech) to heart tumours in male rats

 Stop 5G on Earth and in Space


Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia

Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

Brussels the CAPITAL of Belgium and the EU, has stopped 5G in it’s tracks until they can prove there is no health costs of the technology.

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