Baskin Robbins should bring back it's iconic Coffee Almond Fudge into Indian markets

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Three years ago, I started noticing that the Baskin Robbins' Coffee Almond Fudge flavor was no longer available in markets. This came with no warning and was completely shocking considering how popular this particular flavor was. I have been actively trying to get this flavour back to market since two years now, and I tried reaching out personally to numerous outlets around me as well as the head office at Worli, Mumbai. Even the personnel working at the Baskin Robbins Tardeo branch, an outlet I've been going to eat ice cream since my Nursery days, had no idea why this flavour was discontinued, and agreed that it was one of the more popular flavours that people would buy. The head office at Worli asked me to email Graviss group itself, and that the decision was made by upper level management, and no reason was cited.

I emailed, and I called, and I tweeted, facebook-messaged and personally visited everywhere I got a hint of hope for the past two years. I now finally come to Change Org, although I have long hesitated out of respect for the real, important, and essential issues that this platform helps solve. I acknowledge that my issue is less communal than most, and I apologize if this petition trivializes the crucial conversations that move forward on this platform. However, this seems like my last resort, and the homepage encourages me to bring the change that I want. And as frivolous and naive as this might sound, this change is important to me, my friends, and the community of people who crave this flavour. 

As mentioned above, this all started back when my college friends and I started noticing that the 'Coffee Almond Fudge' flavor of Ice cream was no longer in stock at the Baskin Robbins outlet nearest to our college (Churchgate) where we'd go almost twice a week. We assumed that this would be due to the delay in the stock being delivered, or other technical difficulties as such. Over time, we grew a little curious since that was the favorite ice cream flavour for most of us and thus, over time, we tried contacting different outlets all over the city - and were informed that the above mentioned Coffee Almond Fudge flavor of ice cream had been discontinued. I was also told that it wasn't just Mumbai - but all over India - that this flavour was not available anymore; because we were ready to ship a semi-bulk order across states if we have to. It's no overstatement that it would have been very well worth it.

Now I understand that Baskin Robbins is a corporation - and one of the enormous ones at that, and thus I'm leaning over to believe that they discontinued the flavour because of technical reasons, obstacles in production or losses incurred in the same. I'm also aware that a single petition from a student whose favorite ice-cream in the world has been discontinued - is not enough in any regards. But in the slight chance that it wasn't any of the above, I couldn't urge you any more and tell you that most people I know, including myself were and are extremely huge fans of your Coffee Almond Fudge and it would just be such a huge loss for all of us personally to see it being discontinued and not being able to do anything about it. This is the ice-cream that I've had throughout my childhood, and throughout my college life. And I'm made to believe that I'm not the only one by a long margin to whom this ice-cream meant alot. Ice-creams have always been like that, they're often more than just something you eat; to some people it's comfort, to some people it's a warm hug, and to some people it's a way to reward themselves - and to me, it'd be everything if you, a fellow user, could help me persuade Baskin Robbins to bring this flavor back. 

College is over, and everyone's branched out and drifted apart, and this ice-cream would essentially be euphoric nostalgia on a cone. I can't help but request immensely to help us out, because we really do miss and crave Coffee Almond Fudge since walking to the nearest Baskin Robbins and getting said Ice Cream has always been a huge part of our college lives. Even if that means the Coffee Almond Fudge being available at only one outlet in the city, that would be more than enough, we would go and get it.

Having said that, I want to thank Baskin Robbins nevertheless for making the Ice Cream that made memories for all these years, and I really really hope this turns into something productive. And I apologize to Change Org if this really isn't the right place for this, don't let my lack of judgement affect my immense gratitude for how important this site is and the work it does to bring out important social changes.

Lastly and more importantly, I urge all of you to help us, and as childish as this sounds, get our ice cream back. 

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