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Ontario Homeopaths for Lower Renewal Rates for OHC Registration

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Homeopaths of Ontario,


The Ontario College of Homeopaths (CHO) has declared they will be raising the annual registration fees for 2018 by 47%, from $850 plus HST to $1250.00 plus HST. This represents a difference of $400 plus HST in one calendar year.

The CHO is claiming that the Ontario government has been subsidizing the fees since 2015 and will not be continuing this subsidy in 2018. As a result, the CHO will be entirely reliant on its membership to support the existence of the College moving forward. An increase like this will place an untenable burden on the current membership, and will likely cause many existing members to not renew their registrations in 2018. This will result in a continual increase of fees in the subsequent years as fewer homeopaths will be carrying the increasing burden caused by the cost of maintaining the CHO.

Registered homeopaths understand that while our fees are higher than other professional Colleges, homeopaths are also less likely to be practicing homeopathy full time due to the public perception and recognition of homeopathy as a legitimate medical modality, minimal insurance coverage for patients, and vilification by the media.

Additionally, the offices of the CHO are wanting in responding to homeopaths’ inquiries. We do wonder what happens if a member of the public needs to inquire. We also understand that the mandate of the CHO is to protect and educate the public about homeopathy. However, as a professional body, we are seeing very few results of this mandate in our practices. The fee increase is puzzling when we wonder where the revenue from fees is actually being spent, on either the public’s behalf or on the profession’s behalf.

The undersigned in this petition cannot abide by the fee increase of 47% for 2018. It will decimate the profession as a whole in Ontario as most members cannot carry this burden. If a fee increase is required, an incremental increase over the next 3-5 years would be more acceptable, pending some more time for the CHO to become more embedded in public perception, and thus filtering out to our practices so that we can support an active, engaged College of Homeopaths in Ontario.

Lets keep Homeopathy accessible for all, including the Homeopaths!

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