I want the mayor Basil Zempilas to allow a roaming service to feed the homeless in Perth

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Basil Zempilas, Mayor of Perth, has shut down the Salvation Army's mobile service that has been addressing the needs of homeless people. The mobile service of the Salvation Army provides essential services in touching base with homeless people, checking on their well-being and responding to crisis situations.

Salvation Army is now restricted to offering their services from a centralised location. Many homeless people may not feel safe enough to go out to a central location and actively seek the support they need. This is why the mobile services were crucial for the homeless community.

Basil Zempalis' has shown blatant disregard for the homeless on Perth’s streets and simply wants them to go away as he spoke on local newspaper reports that he felt threatened by the homeless whilst out with his wife and children. 

Homeless people will now miss out because of the restrictions put by City of Perth. Mr. Zempalis, your job is to address the needs of everyone in the community, not not hope that they just go away! Please resume Salvation Army's mobile services.