Basic Life Support Training in School/College/ Hotel/ Office should be mandatory

Basic Life Support Training in School/College/ Hotel/ Office should be mandatory

3 June 2022
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Started by Dr Parag Nandi

Basic Life Support

I think we should take some notes from the incident of Singer KK’s death. 
Every Staff of all Star Grade Hotel and other all Hospitality industry staffs and those who are personal assistant/ manager of VIPs, should have basic course of how to provide Basic Life Support (BLS) to anyone who is experiencing cardiac arrest, respiratory distress or an obstructed airway. They must keep a senior Paramedic professional / healthcare professionals on duty in both shifts for any sudden emergencies arising of any guests who are of different age groups or their own staffs who are working in challenging / demanding environment. An 24hr Ambulance with BLS facilities including ambu bag and mini defibrillator (automatic for public use version) should also be a must in every 5 or 4 Star grade Hospitality Setup. Hospitality industry should give a fresh thought on it without prejudice as they are charging way beyond others to provide best hospitality services to their guests. An Ambulance with all BLS facilities on standby with paramedics, during any public gatherings/ concerts/ mass events in India, should become compulsory to get license for that particular event.

In fact I think in every government and non government offices, industry, schools, colleges, universities, Local Clubs, Societies, BLS and Fire Fighting workup/training by appropriate authority like Red Cross Society and state Fire Brigade force, should be mandatory. 

Bring bill and Pass law if required.

Because it saves life and Every Life is precious.


We will forget the incident of KK… and life will go on…. BUT If Government ensures this in national level and raise awareness on this, then it may save some precious Life… may be mine or your or any near and dear one or may be some celebrity in real sense or may be a child… Let’s not forget this and spread these words to every corner of social media so that Government and Private sector will take this seriously and implement… I am sure, if you implement it in micro level then it will make our citizens more responsive , responsible and helpful to each other … ��

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Signatures: 380Next Goal: 500
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