Plead to Bashar Al-Assad to delay home/land confiscation law

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Under law No. 10 Syrians have only weeks to  prove their home/land ownership.  before the Government sells them off at auction.   

people had to abandon their homes/land because of the war,  in most cases people had no time to get any valuables, documents, etc. as bombs and bullets rained over their towns and cities, they had to move elsewhere inside Syria or seek refuge in other countries. 

Even before the war only 50% of Syrians had documents to prove house/land ownership, therefore there should be a more humane way to allow Syrians to safely return to their normal life, with the Government assurance that there will be an extended period of time and free legal aid to prove and obtain home/land ownership. 

It is time to show your Citizens that you recognize their suffering and hardship, a time to give hope for everyone in a new Syria.