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Change the Sexist Dress Code Policies at Basha High School

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Dress code has always been a sexist issue, but this year at Basha, it's out of control. Security and administration cares more about whether our shoulders are showing rather than our education. Girls miss class and are embarrassed by waiting in line to change out of their outfits into a more "appropriate" one. Their teachers mark them as absent or ditching when in reality, they've wasted class time to change. Girls are being lined up in the buildings and "checked" to ensure their outfits are appropriate.The same dress code is said to apply to boys but they can wear shirts with half naked women on them, and security will say nothing. Boys even take off their shirts or lift them up in classes as a joke. The average temperature in Arizona ranges from 98-107 degrees from July to September. Girls are going to dress for the weather and their legs and shoulders will be seen. If teenage girls that are 13-18 are being sexualized, they are not the problem!! Our dress code promotes rape culture and the notion that women should cover up in order to be perceived as serious about education. Men should learn that the female body is normal, our shoulders and legs are not distracting. We want students and their parents to join us and take a stand against these unfair policies. Girls should NOT feel unsafe or uncomfortable walking past security guards.

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