Changes requested for Astellia's January 30th Avalon Patch.

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*Patch Notes* = "A PvP On / Off function has been added to Avalon."

This switch turned out to be 1 hour of PvP followed by 3 hours of PvE, off and on.

The Holy Stones are also available to be taken during Peace-time as well. This is turning a LOT of people off from the game. The issue with this is that faction points can be gained during Peace-time. While some stones could be taken during Peace-time, such as the Atra Stone Towers, the Holy Stones (those worth more points) should not be able to be taken during peace time. We understand and have tested that certain stones can NOT be taken during Peace-time (the Barrier Stones), the Holy Stones should not be included in Peace-time.

Other than this, the main issue we're seeing with the change is the 1 on/3 off. Even some CMs have agreed with us that 25%/75% is just not balanced. War-time and Peace-time should be split 50/50, whether its 1 hour each off and on, or 2 hours each, off and on.

Mid-boss, Kalmir, is also a concern. This should always be a PvP zone.

For those who are PvE only, we only ask for your support to keep long-time players from leaving. We've already had some people leave the world of Astellia, we don't need more to leave and hurt the game more.

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