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The state of Sarawak in Borneo has lost 80% of its rainforests to palm oil and timber plantations. With only small patches of pristine forests left, we are asking Mr. Baru Bian and his political party( PKR ) to use their influence to stop the ruling government from cutting down the rest of the forests!

Letter to
Leader of the Opposition Party PKR YB Baru Bian
Leader of the Opposition Party in Malaysia Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim
Vernon Aji Kedit
Stop the deforestation of Sarawak, Borneo!

Dear Sirs,

Deforestation in Sarawak has been rampant and unchecked for more than 20 years, but the true extent of deforestation has been difficult to ascertain because previous studies used low-resolution images to map forests.

But high-resolution satellite images are now revealing that at least 80% of the rainforests in Sarawak have been heavily impacted by logging. The extent of deforestation is far higher than the Sarawak state government has led us to believe. The logging industry has penetrated right into the heart of Borneo, and very little Sarawakian rainforest remains in pristine condition.
Sarawakian Borneo has one of the oldest and most beautiful tropical rainforests on Earth. It is home to many indigenous communities and to some of the most impressive species of animal on earth. Clouded leopards, sunbears, flying squirrels, proboscis monkeys, and the iconic orangutan are just a few of the incredible animals that roam the rainforests of Sarawak.

The Bornean rainforest canopy is the tallest on Earth, and its beauty unparalleled. This natural landscape is enriched by rivers, ancient dipterocarp trees, and mists that blanket the rainforest canopy. What survives of the Sarawak rainforest is literally priceless.

The Sarawak rainforest needs our help urgently. I urge you, the Sarawak Opposition Party, to do everything in your power to protect what remains of this magnificent and ancient jungle.

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