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The optional girls team at our gym has recently been told that we will have practice from 12:30-4:30 in the summer. We are requesting morning practice and believe that it will be most beneficial to the athletes for the following reasons: 1) Morning practice (from 9-1 or 8:30-12:30) is more efficient for the gym parents. People typically go to work or to the office in the morning around 8:30-9, maybe even earlier. Afternoon practice forces parents to come back from work, drop their kid off, go back to work, leave and pick their kid up again, and go back to their job once more. With morning practice, parents can drop their children at the gym before they go and pick them up at a leisurely hour. 2) There are some older kids in high school on the team. Knowing from personal experience, having tried to volunteer and take classes during the summer, most places have a certain time slot where afternoon practice would be. Similarly, summer classes often range of times during our practice and would typically end by 4:30. In addition, many girls on the team are old enough to and would like to get a job, however are not able to because of the time of our practice. Moreover, it is no lie to say that these girls have lives outside of the gym and it is unfair to place practice in the middle of the day, where it is impossible to do anything other than that one activity. 3) Morning practice is healthier. 12:30- 4:30 time period has been known as the hottest time of the day during the summer, and with the amount of cardio and excersize we are doing, who knows what illnesses and injuries we may come across. This time is also very awkward in the meal area. The athlete would have to eat lunch at 10:30, so she's not feeling nauseous during practice, or after 4:30 (extremely late lunch). With morning practice, we eat a light breakfast before gym and can go eat lunch directly after practice with no problems. 4) Morning practice forces us to wake up early. We have to anyways get up for practice in the morning, and we can use the rest of our day to be productive. With afternoon practice, gymnasts will end up sleeping in, feeling groggy at practice, and coming home at 5, not able to do much else because it's so late. 5)Friday and Saturday practices are already in the morning so why not make it everyday? Furthermore, the boys optional team has had morning practice every summer and we would like the same privilege! MAKE MORNING HAPPEN!

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