Bring Back Brandon

Bring Back Brandon

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Started by Shan Mcquown

The boys is a brotherhood of alphaic gents who have no shame in their devotion to one another. It’s amazing thing, if you’re bored you can hop on Call of duty with the boys to battle for some sweaty wins, or hit the pub and pressure the single ones to shoot their sloppy shot. The boys are not family; far beyond any classification of “friends”. We are floating links, waiting to become Figaro chains. 

A - “Babe I’m gonna hop on the Booty (a.k.a Call of Duty) with the boys for a few days”

B - “bet, lets go get the boys“

Our chain is at threat to be broken. The Boys are facing a real threat; abandonment. One of The Boys, Brandon, is moving far away, leaving the rest to wonder cluelessly. We’re asking you to consider signing our petition to keep the chain strong and the boys at piece. 

The reward? World piece, self righteousness, a warm heart, and dare I say.. saving the lives of innocent children? 


30 have signed. Let’s get to 50!