Prevent Sexual Assaults on College Campuses Starting at Bars

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Most sexual assaults can be the result of a night out and too much alcohol. Although there are no bars on college campus, the process always starts somewhere. To prevent this from continuing, we (a group of college students attending William Paterson University) have put together an idea to protect potential victims. From now on, all bartenders should be trained with a specific bar code used to escape situations where a person may feel victimized. For example, if woman is out at a bar and she thinks that she is being stalked or getting creeped out by someone, she can go up to the bar and ask the bartender for one of these special drinks. If she requests a Red Cosmo, she actually means, "Can you please escort me to my car without my date knowing?" If she orders a Midnight Shadow, she means, "Can you please call me an Uber and escort me to it without my date knowing?" Last but not least, ordering a Blue Line Martini translates to, "Can you please call the police and keep me secluded from my date until the police arrive?" We feel that this method can protect both females and males in situations where they feel that they may become a rape victim. In the end, it can prevent people from being drugged, getting too drunk to function, and going home with a person unintentionally.