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Protect & Support the LGBT youth of School District 33, Chilliwack

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Hey Stranger -

As of recently, one of Chilliwack School board trustee's, Barry Neufeld made some slightly less then acceptable commentary on the LGBTQ+ community. Recently introduced, SOGI 123 aims to help individual kids, and young adults who identify as LGBT within Elementary, Middle, and High Schools, get through probably one of the hardest times of their life. SOGI 123 aims to make LGBT students feel safe; currently 64% of these students feel unsafe. Elementary, middle, and high school is hard enough for any teenager, and even more confusing for an LGBT teen.

SOGI 123 wants that to change. Educational institutions should have all students feeling welcome - Barry, however, treats this program as a "weapon of propaganda", insisting we're "too sensitive" and we should be adopting a Russian-Style muzzle on "LGBTQ+ Propaganda." Mr. Neufeld - are you aware Russia is currently, and actively rounding up anyone who seems gay, or is gay, and is putting them in concentration camps?! 

Your sheer ignorance on the matter appalls me. My Name is Michael Hayden. I was a recent student in your district, and I identify as a member of the LGBT community. I have felt unsafe in schools because of my sexual orientation. Had you apologized for your remarks, I could've looked past this. For someone who isn't apart of the LGBT community it's easy for you over look our issues, and see us as second class citizens. However I am furious. Your inability to educate yourself in the matter alarms me. You have a job to ensure the safety of the students under you regardless of their orientation, sex, or race. I do not think you're interested in the safety of the students within your district. 

To make sure this petition, is extra gay, just for you Barry, here is a quote from a gay icon, Lady Gaga:

"Well, that's your opinion, isn't it? And I'm not about to waste my time trying to change it."

So we don't want your apology - we'd like your resignation from the school board

This is the part where I'd throw my pocket glitter and make my jazzy exit to some NYC Broadway show tune, but I'm fresh out of pocket glitter, and to angry to sing show tunes. 


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