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Barry Cottrill, CEO of Customers 1to1 Pty Ltd: Start bargaining with your call centre workers

I started working on night shift for Customers 1to1 Pty Ltd just over a year ago. My co-workers and I experienced bullying on site be it one on one with managers or mass e-mails singling others out, a lack of training and support even when we asked for the extra help, and low pay rates for not only night shift but other shifts as well.

I could no longer work at Customers 1to1 after I was forced to start working weekends, where my week would start Thursday night and end Monday morning. This meant I wouldn't ever be able to have quality time with my family or friends. The shifts are permanent, so there was no chance of changing roster. While I’ve ceased working there, my experience was, unfortunately not unique. My former workmates have an opportunity to change their workplace. They’ve put together some claims to start bargaining, which includes the right to go to the toilet or get a drink of water without a loss of pay or any other penalty.

Barry is currently considering whether to start bargaining for a new agreement to cover my former co-workers. If he decides to bargain, it could change the workplace for the better

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    Barry Cottrill

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