Opposition to "Accent Springs" rezoning request - Bethlehem GA -

Opposition to "Accent Springs" rezoning request - Bethlehem GA -

April 7, 2021
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Barrow County Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners
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Started by Kenneth England


The newer version can be found here:

Opposition to Accent Springs Rezoning Request

The "new" petition is the one that will be submitted to the Board of Commissioners for the May 11th Rezoning Hearing.  There's information on the new site on how you can contribute to help in this fight.  Thanks!!  

Citizens for Controlled Growth in Barrow County, Inc.

We welcome your support, but respectfully ask that only residents and/or property owners from Barrow County sign the petition.  

We, the undersigned voters and property owners of Barrow County, OPPOSE the rezoning application for the proposed "Accent Springs" mixed-residential community at Carl-Bethlehem Road and Georgia Highway 81.  The proposed rezoning is for parcels XX053-033 and XX053-33B that are currently owned by the Dillard Family Partnership, LLP. The rezoning request is to change the property from the current C2 (Community Commercial) zoning to R3 (High-density residential) to allow the construction and occupancy of 438 residential units - 288 multi-family and 150 townhomes.  Barrow County property records show these 2 parcels as a total of 66.1 acres combined.  According to the NEGRC Final Report for DRI #3255, there will be 26 acres reserved for future commercial development.  (This is 438 units on 40 acres = 10.95 units per acre).

Our primary concerns with this development:

  • Will increase enrollment at schools that are already exceeding capacity.
  • Overburdens current infrastructure - traffic, trash service, police, fire, EMS, etc.
  • Removes "PRIME" land for commercial development (New Jobs) from the 316 Innovation Corridor and replaces it with a high-density residential development.
  • The proposed development deviates from the Barrow County Comprehensive Plan's Future Development Map (dated 10/24/2018) that labels this property as part of the "316 Innovation Corridor" - The Plan describes the intent for the area as "the creation of employment centers and large-scale commercial uses".
  • It's located between three roads that are currently at capacity with no firm (current) plans to widen any of them.
  • There are 2 properties located within 1 mile of this proposed development that have been approved for either apartments or townhomes - we need quality growth and not quantity growth.
  • Once rezoned to R3, the developer can change the original concept or site plans to anything that they desire within that category. At minimum, this should be a Planned Urban Development to place strict guidance on how the property is used.
  • The density of the development is grossly out of scale to the surrounding area and will not foster any type of distinctive or attractive community unique to Barrow County.
  • It's NOT what's Best for Barrow County

As a Barrow County voter and/or property owner, by affixing my name to this petition, I respectfully ask you to deny this proposed rezoning request.


o  SIGN THIS PETITION (If you're a resident or property owner in Barrow County)  to stop the rezoning and development of Accent Springs

o  Attend the Board of Commissioners Hearing  on Tuesday May 11, 6PM, 30 North Broad Street, Winder GA

o  Email the County Commissioners and let them know that you oppose this rezoning proposal - especially Districts 3 & 4

  • Pat Graham - Chairman - pgraham@barrowga.org
  • Joe Goodman - District 1 - jgoodman@barrowga.org
  • Bill Brown - District 2 - wjbrown@barrowga.org
  • Rolando Alvarez - District 3 (east side of Hwy 81) - ralvarez@barrowga.org
  • Isaiah Berry- District 4 (west side of Hwy 81) - iberry@barrowga.org
  • Billy Parks - District 5 - bparks@barrowga.org
  • Ben Hendrix - District 6 - bhendrix@barrowga.org


Support now
Signatures: 1,456Next Goal: 1,500
Support now

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