End the single source of school uniforms in Barrow in Furness and the surrounding areas.

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Its that time of year again, that every parent in the area dreads, school uniform shopping. We all moan that we are styck with 1 expensive supplier yet we have no other option. School uniforms were largely introduced to prevent kids from being bullied due to not having the designer named clothing. School uniform in our area is now a huge monopoly with the price of uniforms forcing parents to buy cheaper alternatives without the school logos or buying second hand, both of which are against the primary reason for school uniforms. We have 6 kids and are FORCED to purchase uniforms from the 1 shop in our area, because they have created along with the schools, ridiculous uniforms only available from certain wholesalers, with whom 1 shop has exclusive rights to, preventing any competition in the area. The council should not be allowing this and neither should 90% of the schools be advertising this company on their websites. I have had enough, we are being held to ransom and it needs to end.