Barrier free sidewalks in Windsor Ontario

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Year round barrier free access to sidewalks in Windsor Should be a basic right, however Many Windsorites face obstacles as they travel in the city. I am asking that  the Windsor City Council make it a high priority and focus on ensuring we can access sidewalks every day of the year, especially during the snowy months. Often Even when people take the time to clear their walkways the city snowplow piles the snow on the sidewalk ramps and bus stops making them unusable. I have had public transit refuse me service because I was beside the stop instead of at it, there was a huge snow pile at the stop and I informed the driver I couldn't get through the snow, the driver said I had to be at the correct spot to get on, then drove off.

Those with disabilities, pedestrians with small children, anyone who uses a sidewalk should not be prevented from traveling in an active society. We rely on public transportation yet can't access it after a snowfall because we can't get to the stops, we can't go grocery shopping or doctors appointments without worrying that we will get stuck out in the cold without away to free ourselves or be hit having to wheel on the road.


Please lobby our City to fix this problem! Thank you for your support.