No merger of Barnstable Grades 4-7.

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As you may be aware, a number of communities on the Cape and throughout the Commonwealth are exploring the idea of a later start time for high school students. The American Academy of Pediatrics and American Medical Association recommend a later start time for adolescents, based on research indicating delayed start time for high school students improves academic outcomes, as well as attendance and tardiness. Additionally, delayed start time is associated with improvements in mood, health, decision-making, and safety. Accordingly, members of the Barnstable Public Schools community began investigating the possibility of aligning our high school start time with recommendations from the medical field.

Recommendations from the School Start Time Committee: In conjunction with a revised high school start time, the School Start Time Committee made recommendations regarding grade level spans and start times for Barnstable United Elementary School and Barnstable Intermediate School. I have included below the recommendations from the School Start Time Committee.

Recommendations from the School Start Time Committee: 

All elementary schools maintain current schedule, 9:00 – 3:35
Barnstable High School, adjust times to 8:15 – 2:50
Create two 4th – 7th grade schools at BIS and BUES, adjust times to 7:20 – 1:50


Many parents especially those of 4th and 5th graders are opposed to this time change for many reasons including:

1. The proposal wants the effect to take change Sept 2018, which will leave the upcoming first grade in the current school for 1 year making new friends they may not be in the same school as the following year.
2. Will the 4-5 and 6-7 be separated? If so how? 9-13 is a large age difference.
3. Will the district be paying to install a playground at the Hyannis location to accommodate recess? Will this be built before the schools change?
4. How will after school be handled? Will it be all grades mixed? Will it extend to 5:30?
5. How will after school activities be handled? Will it be all grades mixed? Will it extend to 5:30
6. If after care is so long what is the plan to feed the kids? Multiple snacks? Dinner?
7. If a 9 year old child starts school at 7:20 am and then goes to after care because of working parents, and if aftercare is extended it to 5:30 then the child will be at school for 10hrs a day that’s 50 hrs a week more then what’s considered a full time job. How many studies were taken into consideration factoring that in?
8. What time will lunches be? How many hours from first lunch to pick up for after care children?
9. Do children in 6-7 receive detention? If so where will detention be held in relation to after school?

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