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Pedestrian crossing needed for Hunningley Primary School, Barnsley

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I believe that the current arrangement for enabling children and parents to cross the road outside Hunningley Primary school is dangerous and unsafe.  Our current lollipop lady, Julie Reed, has been doing the job a long time and does a brilliant job, but she needs to be helped to do it.

I cross Hunningley Lane three times a day with my children to go to the local primary school, usually for two of those times there is a lollipop lady, but when I pick up my younger son from nursery at 11:45 we have to cross on our own. Although it is a 30mph zone, cars do go faster and don't want to stop if they don't have to, so when there is no lollipop lady it is very hard to cross safely. For the last three days the lollipop lady has been unwell and therefore we have had to cross the road unaided.

On two occasions this week my children were put in unnecessary danger.  The first time my 4 year old son ran ahead to where the crossing normally is.  He is really good at waiting for me to get there and cross together, even when the lollipop lady is there.  He waited as usual for me to get to him, but as there was no lollipop lady he started to cross the road on his own.  I shouted at him to stop as there was a car coming, but luckily it was on the other side of the road.  The second time a crowd of people were crossing the road, one group made it safely across while the group I was in with my boys was slightly behind.  Unfortunately a driver decided they were not willing to wait so drove through the middle of the crowd as we were crossing, luckily my son had stopped otherwise he could have gone in front of the car.

I am sure I am not alone in feeling that the current situation is dangerous and a pedestrian crossing outside the school would make the situation much safer, and needs to be done before something serious happens.

By Helen Mitchell, parent of children at Hunningley Primary School and member of PTA

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