Get Green Lane in Edgware resurfaced and eliminate the off-road feel.

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The state of the carriageway across the top of Green Lane from Keble Court in the Edgware Green Development, down to the width restriction, is riddled with severe deep and wide potholes. The road has been extensively damaged by the 5 years of building work that has taken place to build all of Edgware Green. As residents we have had to put up with the inconvenience of construction traffic for all of this time, the carriageway has been damaged by the lorries, now resembling more of a dangerous obstacle course as residents and users of Green Lane swerve to avoid the deep potholes. It is incomprehensible why Barnet Council has not forced the developer of Edgware Green to pay for or replace all of the destroyed carriageway that they have ruined with years of construction traffic. It seems that there is one rule for the public and another for corporations. If an individual has a car accident and damages the carriage way or street furniture, the council promptly invoices them/their insurance company for the repair. Why haven't the council done this with the developer of Edgware Green? Please support this petition to get Barnet Council to resurface the entire length of Green Lane from Edgware Green to the width restriction.