19 Year Old Needs Liver Transplant

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Nikolette Grace Colleen Dodd is 19 years old. A little over 6 years ago she was diagnosed with auto immune hepatitis type 2. Then more auto immune illnesses came into play. She has seen a multitude of professionals and with the help of all of them and her incredible strength, we have been able to keep her going. We were warned that a time would come that a transplant would be imperative. It would be the only thing to keep her with all her loved ones and extend her young life. That time has come. Of course, we have run into a complication. There are so many mixed feelings about it but we are hoping that enough people will understand the position she was in and sign this petition to support her. Managing pain and nausea with a liver patient is complex and often taken for granted. When the patient has other illnesses that increase that pain and make any type of functioning difficult or impossible, you do what you must. Unfortunately, we all just recently discovered the price for this. Nikolette occasionally used THC as a form of relief. She found a way to live some, to be a bit active, to get a moment's peace, enjoy a meal, or even rest for a night or two. Now, she has not touched any for weeks, but her body doesn't work as it should. The liver isn't filtering anything out as it normally would and the other organs have been compensating for so long that they cannot keep up either or they are also being attacked by antibodies. No one can be sure, but it seems that for the time it will take for her to have a negative THC test, it will likely be too late. For her to live, she needs the transplant. Her life was forever changed at 13 with all these diseases and it should not end at 19 for a mistake that she has since corrected but her body cannot filter out fast enough. She is the light of many lives. She has dreams. She has hopes. Her family and friends need her. Those that know her would do anything for her. Please help us in letting Barnes and UNOS know that this decision is reversible and there is no reason to deny life to someone so young. Thank you.

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