Allow us to defend ourselves. If you or a loved one was attacked, can you protect them?

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We are fortunate to live in Australia.

But the threat of violence is global. Police response times are often to slow to stop violence from happening; unfortunately this is not a trend that can be rectified without massive budget increases from state and federal levels. Capacity for agencies to protect us as citizens is finite; we need to be able to protect ourselves.

If your family was in danger could you protect them?

Simply no; to often the case has been that the courts have convicted those that have tried too.
The laws are in favor of the criminals. We are unable to protect our homes, our families and ourselves without fear of being scrutinized for use of reasonably proportionate force. In circumstances where lives and property are at risk who will be the mediator for what those terms mean in that moment and to that person?

As the increasing threat of terrorism globally captures our way of life. Our laws need to be more able to allow the victims of such actions the right and capacity for defense.

Allowing for active duty Police Officers to carry their firearms when off duty will increase the presence of reasonable personnel that are able to respond to active crimes without significantly increasing budget expenditure.

Allowing for citizens to carry a means of personal protection and the legal safeguards for the use of the weapon, which could be pepper spray or taser for instance, also will have little effect on the budget. In fact with licensing measures it can become a form of revenue.

Please, enacting laws that allow us the right to self defense will help to secure our way of life in this uncertain age we live in, in a country we all love.

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