Barclays: Stop funding fossil fuels!

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Barclays Bank is the sixth largest backer of fossil fuels in the world. They have provided more than $85 billion to fossil fuel companies and high-carbon projects such as tar sands and Arctic oil and gas in the last 5 years alone. With our climate on the verge of breakdown, we must get Barclays to immediately begin phasing out fossil fuels.  

2019 will be remembered for its ferocious wildfires in the Amazon, deadly floods in Jakarta, and catastrophic bushfires in Australia. It confirmed what climate scientists have been telling us for decades: if left unchecked, climate change will have devastating impacts on people’s livelihoods and jobs, wildlife, the natural environment, and the economy. This is why Barclays must urgently stop investing in dirty fossil fuels that are destroying our planet. 

I was one of over a hundred people that filed a shareholder proposal at Barclays this month, asking the bank to phase out fossil fuel lending. And now I’ve started this petition because public pressure can make all the difference. 

Banks have a choice: they can either fund fossil fuel projects and companies or they can help accelerate the transition towards a clean and socially just world. Barclays is worth over £1 trillion - as a mega rich multinational corporation they have a duty to protect our planet. 

Ordinary people like us are trying to do our bit for the planet - it’s time the banks did too. Please join me in urging Barclays to stop funding the climate crisis.