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Barclays Bank in SYSTON is due to close it's doors on Friday 23rd November 2018. This is the second branch in the area to close in the space of 2 years. Thurmaston lost their branch in 2016 and customers were told Syston was not going anywhere. Now the decision has been made to close it and staff to be moved elsewhere. Some of the same staff who were moved here from Thurmaston when it closed its doors. Some of the staff at the branch have been in the bank and predominantly at SYSTON for many years, one over 40. The staff know all the regular customers and a lot of their customers do not use internet or online/mobile banking so the closest branch would then be belgrave road on a bus ride or Birstall if they drive. But people like to know the staff serving them, which in a small town branch like SYSTON they always know atleast one member of staff in there. This will mean that day to day banking will no longer be available to people who struggle to get out and about. WE NEED OUR LOCAL BANKS NOT EMPTY BUILDINGS.