Change BHISD Sexist Dress Codes

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It's not just Jabez...

Jabez has been doing okay. Things have been on the rocky side with Harvey’s landing. Please continue to keep those affected in your prayers. Jabez has not been able to go to school, since schools have been closed. School will resume on 9/5 and I'll get a clear stance on where the school board stands. There have been many individuals who have privately contacted the superintendent and school board on Jabez and I's behalf, and for that I am forever grateful. I will provide more updates when school is back in session. Meanwhile, to the north of us, in Joshua, Texas Gender Discrimination against boys hair is now putting more boys in “In School Suspension” (ISS). They are now refusing to change the code, because the DISTRICT believes boys with long hair are disruptive and a safety hazard… Please sign and share Habib’s petition, as it will help Habib and the many boys of Joshua ISD be able to grow their hair, for whatever reason may be, and not be infringed and deprived of their constitutional right of freedom of speech and personal liberty. They have Matthew Houston (second grader) and Thesis Thompson (first grader) as well.

5 years ago