Pass the Teach Safe Relationships Act and Stop Sexual Harassment

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We need to re-introduce, and pass, the Teach Safe Relationships Act of 2015. It addresses several key issues with our current school sexual harassment policies that we need to resolve. Especially when one-third of all middle school students have reported experiencing some form of harassment. Right now, becuase of the Davis vs. Monroe court case, for a U.S. school to be forced to do something, the harassment has to happen more than once, and make a student’s grades suffer. That’s not fair. When I was sexually harassed, it only happened once, and it didn’t make me skip class. Yet I was able to report it, and the person who harassed me was suspended. That should be true for everyone, not just people lucky enough to live where I live, under a protecting and understanding state law. There is no national law that says kids should be taught safe relationships, that sexual harassment policies beyond Davis vs. Monroe should be enforced, or that the enforcement should be funded by the government. The Teach Safe Relationships Act promises those things. It promises that every kid will be as lucky as I was. So let’s stop making whether someone can report harassment, or even know if they were harassed, about luck.