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Immigrants and Refugees in the United States Should be Treated Better

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Consequently, I think that you should accept my argument on treating refugees and immigrants better because everybody has rights and equality in this world. But some people don't see people eye to eye on things and this is really bothersome. For instance, sadly in asked a question, “Should the U.S. ban Muslims from entering the country? 60% said yes and 40% say no. Most of the people that commented said that they should do this because everyone in the U.S.A needs to feel safe. (“”) But what about others and how does this help the Muslims that are already in the U.S? What if they have a really good life and are succeeding, but then they went to check on their family in a foreign country. Later when they wanted to come back they could not just because of how some people thought of the world. This is unfair to these people who have struggled to get a meaningful life but then have their lives taken away from them.

Moreover, when one cannot feel safe in their own skin or appearance, it can result to a loss of esteem. That's not good because many good things can come from accepting people for who they are, and also nobody deserves to be treated unfairly because of the color of their skin, appearance, or nation of origin. I think if we can all work together as one now, in the future we will succeed in many things since our hearts are united together for positive change. Therefore, if everyone supports this many great things in the future will come and eventually, the better it will be for everyone. Equality for all no matter what they look like or where they're from and what they believe in is the best route for our society.


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