Animals Should Be BANNED From Circuses

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Have you ever been to the circus and seen animals do tricks? Although they may have looked incredible, just know that backstage they may be getting hurt for not being perfect at their stunts. Virtually 96 percent of these animals' lives are spent behind bars. This means that their only time out is when they are performing or practicing onstage. When they are allowed out, they are trained using extreme discipline such as whipping, hitting, poking, and shocking with electrical prods. These animals are living awful lives, and I think they deserve better. Animals deserve better and should be out in the wild where they can live normal lives as species of their kind. Animals should be eating fresh grass grown right beneath their feet, not being starved for weeks on end. Animals should be drinking from streams and playing with their families, not being forced to a solitary life of sadness. If we can accomplish this, we can be sure that we have made a change in the world.