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We are a group of licensed Massachusetts foster parents, pre-adoptive and kinship parents who are seeking an immediate meeting with Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker. We need substantial changes throughout DCF now!

Our members, like myself, have been requesting to meet to discuss the unlawful mistreatment of good, licensed foster parents by the State's DCF caseworkers. Our members have been requesting this meeting for over 2 years, with NO response.

Our members have canvassed the State House, and testified at public hearings gaining support for passage of House Bill, H104, A Foster Parents Bill of Rights.   Our foster parents are the only parties who remain unprotected.  Bad caseworkers have been caught falsifying records, lying and taking matters into their own hands!  Our foster families have suffered illegal blacklisting, a sexual assault of an innocent 4 year old girl and an illegal strip search of 4 biological children in the foster family's own home by DCF caseworkers.

DCF and their caseworkers are violating their own contracts with their licensed foster parents as they have been allowed to do for DECADES!

It's time that Foster Parents are respected for the jobs we lovingly do.  We provide round the clock care to the children who need us the most.  It's time that MGL. Chapter 258, Section 10(j), Sovereign Immunity, be eliminated.  We must not further protect these caseworkers, THE UNTOUCHABLES,  who are deceiving us and not fully disclosing the history of the child in order for the foster family to be allowed to make their best informed decision to welcome any one of the State's children into our homes.  We have a right to know!  We deserve to know!  We are no longer allowing these case workers to continue with their archaic practices that continue to further victimize our good families when any DCF caseworker has willfully and knowingly engaged in any wrong doing.  When DCF creates the liability,  we cannot hold them accountable!  They do not deserve to be protected when we are not!  Some of foster families have been served Life Sentences solely at the hands of DCF because we chose to become foster parents.

We are losing more good, licensed homes at a faster rate than DCF can recruit, train, clear and license new homes, while our good licensed homes are not being retained.  Sadly, THE UNTOUCHABLES REMAIN UNTOUCHABLE!

Please meet with us so we can discuss our many issues, ensure passage of our bill and why bad workers should no longer be immune when they engage in bad behaviors.

Thank you.


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