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Pass Senate Bill 272

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Juvenile defendants that are held passed 40 years of age, for charges they faced when they were under the age of 18. Passing this bill will allow people who have been given life and max sentences to have a life out side of incarceration since they have been incarcerated since before their 18th birthday. 

This bill will personally affect me and my family due to my husband being incarcerated since before he was 18, his 40th birthday comes up in December and by this bill being passed he will be able to come home and have a life with me and our families, he has served more than half his life now in the Ohio prison system, as many with loved ones in prison and jail we only want them home, my husband has seen and experienced many things during his incarceration that has evolved him into the man he is now, he is old enough and has the mentality that he wants to be home and experience life he was put into a system of down fall before he could even get his first job or experience life in his 20's,30's, and now if this bill still gets left untouched the way that Ohio Senate and House is leaving on the shelf unfortunately he will see his 40th birthday in prison which he should not have to he has served over half his life to the Ohio prison system and he has learned the lesson from a mistake he made as juvenile. Men like my husband that has had so many years taken from them should be given the opportunity to thrive in life and experience the world since our courts took it from them so many years ago.

This bill is Ohio Senate Bill 272 

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