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Menstrual Hygiene for the Homeless

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Our goal is to raise awareness to gather signatures to raise awareness that local women's shelters are underfunded. Be a part of the change that could influence Mayor Tory to provide adequate funding to Toronto shelters, with women's menstrual hygiene in mind.

There are many active social movements relating to women's rights with a large number of support from both males and females. However, issues surrounding feminine hygiene of homeless and extremely low income women are frequently overlooked. In Canada, women make up 27 percent of the homeless population. 32 percent of these women have admitted to having difficulties obtaining access to feminine hygiene products when they need them. None of these women have any control of their period, it is a natural cycle. If this is the case, why is access to feminine hygiene products so difficult when the monthly demand is so high? Menstrual products are the most requested but the least received items in homeless shelters. Our social movement intends to address this need. We intend to bring awareness to the cause and issues that homeless women face an eliminate the restricted access homeless women have to menstrual products.

What would you do if you were homeless, had only $10 for the week and you got your period? Socks, newspapers, t-shirts and wads of toilet paper are some of the solutions women have come up with because they do not have access to suitable feminine hygiene products. Some shelters are only able to contribute one pad or tampon a day to women, others have only one box to supply the entire population of women in the shelter. Some women have reported that they have had to make the choice between buying themselves tampons or food for the day. No woman should have to make this choice, access to feminine hygiene products should be a right for every woman. We would like to share this petition with city councillors and policy makers who can allow city funding to be allocated towards homeless shelter and go towards their budget for menstrual products 

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