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OBJECTION to development 17/00273/OUM Land off Ness Road, Burwell

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East Cambridgeshire District Council - Reference 17/00273/OUM Outline planning application for residential development with all matters reserved apart from means of access - Land off Ness Road, Burwell.

We, the undersigned, wish to object to the proposed development for the following reasons:

• This development is outside the development envelope outlined in the Village Plan. In that plan, 350-420 houses are scheduled to be built along Newmarket Road (15/01175/OUM), and currently 70 houses are going up at Reach Road (14/00356/FUL). We are already doing our bit to address the county's housing needs.

• We would like Burwell to retain its village feel. Previous applications on both this field and the one behind Chestnut Rise have already been rejected.

• If allowed, this proposal would elongate an already long village which was one of the reasons this site lost out during the master planning. A more rounded village was favoured.

• The Ness Road/Toyse Lane junction is already congested during peak times, and busy at other times and this development would exacerbate congestion and risk of accidents here.

• Traffic emerging from the new development wishing to turn right through Burwell in the morning, will be prevented by the sheer volume of traffic that currently use the B1102 as a cut-through to Cambridge. In the evening, residents approaching from the A142 will be prevented from turning right into the development by the volume of traffic using the B1102. Consequently this lane will tail back and cause congestion on the B1102, again increasing the risk of accidents.

• There would be a significant increase in road traffic along Toyse Lane, Ness Road and through the village in general and will bring with it increased pollution of noise, fumes, dust and increased risk of road accidents to all existing residents.

• Paragraph 2.7 of the applicants Planning Statement states the proposals have the potential to reduce vehicular movements and benefits from a choice of two public transport services. This is nonsense. Every home will have at least one car and the public transport services are inadequate to get people to and from work and do not run on a Sunday.

• There are many bungalows along the boundary line in Toyse Lane and Toyse Close, some very close to the proposed development, causing overlooking, loss of privacy, and an impact on views.

• The development will have an impact on public views on approach to Burwell from Fordham.

• Concreting over our countryside threatens local wildlife. Red kites and buzzards are seen in the trees that are going to be removed, as well as large flocks of yellowhammers, which are an endangered farmland bird. Other wildlife will be driven out, such as badger, fox, muntjac deer, roe deer, hares, hedgehogs (now an endangered species), bats and butterflies.

• There will be a loss of agricultural land.

• Without doubt, this development would change the size and shape of Burwell and diminish its village environment to the detriment of the community.

As our elected representatives at East Cambridgeshire District Council, we urge you to please reject this application.

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