Make CA-125 Blood test Mandatory for Women - This is a simple inexpensive blood test!!

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CA-125 Blood Test (simple blood test marker for female cancers). Yearly wellness does not test for ovarian cancers. Ovarian cancers hide.  As of now it is not part of a Wellness check, but it should be. It is a silent killer.

My daughter passed away from Ovarian Cancer at the age of 37. Steph had many tests: paps, scans, colonoscopy.  Results ‘normal’ because ovarian hides. By the time she was diagnosed and they did the CA-125 blood test it was extremely high. That was the weekend she was in the hospital ER with severe pains and she was diagnosed. Her 11 month journey began...

This “inexpensive” test should be given to women during their Wellness checks. Steph wanted women to insist on this test, and don't take no for an answer. Most doctors will say 'if its not in your family you don't need it'. Steph was the only one in our family, and DNA testing confirmed a recessive gene after the fact.   We thank God for all her doctors during her fight. I won't say she lost her battle, but helped many along the way. She was my Warrior Princess.

Please make this inexpensive CA-125 blood test a routine yearly test for women. Doctors just have to check the box on the lab sheet ! Please sign the petition !! X0XO 

Thank you