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Bristol Park, Nashua, Newmark "NO!" to Walmart or any other big box store.

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The land at the intersection of NE Cookingham and HWY 169 is under city consideration for re-zoning from residential to commercial use.  The city will hold a hearing @  KCMO City Hall, 414 E. 12th St Kansas City, MO 64106  816-513-1313  on May 16th at 9 a.m. for the proposal.  This re-zoning has potential to significantly impact our community.  The re-zoning by our neighborhood not only affects us but it will negatively impact the residents and small business owners of Smithville, Nashua, Newmark and Staley.

Cookingham is a Secondary Gateway:  where focal points are typically located around major arterial street intersections that highlight particular neighborhoods or business districts. Private development around these areas should be held to the highest design and aesthetic standards and create a distinctive image.

The south side of Cookingham and 169, the field between Cookingham and Bristol Park is a Mixed Use Neighborhood:  Primarily intended to accommodate and promote neighborhood serving retail sales or service uses, as well as mixed-use development consisting of business uses on a building’s lower floors and residential uses on upper floors. This type of vertical, mixed-use development includes a variety of business and residential choices and should enhance the pedestrian environment of the community. Encouraging residential development in mixed-use areas provides increased housing choice and promotes higher density housing. This land use classification corresponds with the “B1” and “B2” zoning categories.

The north side of Cookingham and 169, where the proposed re-zoning is located is Residential Low Density:  Primarily intended for single family detached residential development, but allows a variety of residential building types up to 5.8 units per acre. This land use classification corresponds with the “R7.5” and “R10” zoning categories.

Bristol Park is also Residential Low Density

The Big Box store that wants to go in on the north side of Cookingham and 169 is considered B3 Community Business: The primary purpose of the B3, Community Business district is to accommodate a broad range of retail and service uses, often in the physical form of shopping centers or larger buildings than found in the B1 and B2 districts. In addition to accommodating development with a different physical form than typically found in B1 and B2 districts, the B3 district is also intended to accommodate some types of destination-oriented commercial uses that draw from a larger trade area than the types of neighborhood-serving uses found in B1 and B2 districts. The B3 district is primarily intended to be applied to large sites that have primary access to major streets. It may also be used along smaller streets to accommodate retail and service use types that are not allowed in B1 and B2 districts. Information gathered from, Gashland/Nashua Area Plan

We want to stop them from re-zoning the Low Density to a B3 Community Business.  The Low Density and Mixed Use Neighborhoods B1 & B2 are not designed to be near B3 Community Business.  B3 Community Business is designed to be nearB3.


1.  High traffic cutting across neighborhood from 108thst to avoid stop lights and traffic putting our children at risk. Cookingham is not large enough to accommodate the traffic that would be going there. The exit and entrance ramps onto 169 and 435 are not configured for this traffic or large enough to handle it. 

2. Noise

3. Trash

4. Crime is always high around Walmart in every city

5.  Our small family owned business in the area could go out of business including our Sun Fresh Grocery as other areas across the country have experienced.

6. Home and car break-ins

7.  Environment violations are a big concern with a Walmart who tends to ignore them and pay out millions to get what they want.

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