Give the role of James Bond to Henry Cavill!

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Fans of Henry Cavill know that he auditioned for the role of James Bond back when Casino Royale was heading into production and ended up being the runner-up. Even though the world agrees that Daniel Craig has given a fantastic performance (many saying that he's the best Bond of all time), he has decided to pass the torch to another actor. While the aforementioned actor has not weighed in his opinions on who the next James Bond should be, Henry Cavill has shown interest saying " I don't know if it is a possibility. I think it would be an amazing...amazing role to play and, we'll see".
But it's not just the opinion of the actors that matter, it's the opinions of the fan base and there has been an overwhelming response to the rumors that he might replace Craig as the new James Bond after Bond 25. It would be beneficiary to both the Executives and the world in every aspect to cast Henry Cavill as the actor has proven his skills in many other movies with the same caliber of impact such as The Man from U.N.C.L.E and Mission Impossible : Fallout.