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Abolish the Electoral College!

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The completed 2016 election results reveal that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 3 million people, but due to the Electoral College results, Clinton isn't the president-elect. To us, it is clear that the Electoral College isn't performing the way it was intended to. This institution was created 250 years ago to accommodate our new nation, which was essentially a collection of small, relatively independent states having difficulty agreeing on political issues. It was also a means for the upper classes to exclude the poorer, uneducated population from having a say in political matters. However, the US has evolved greatly since; the United States is much more centralized, and most importantly, every American, no matter the background, has the ability to create an educated decision concerning their political stances. But the Electoral College hasn't changed throughout our country's history, and still acts as a post-Revolutionary institution created to oppress the majority of the population. It's therefore taking away our fellow Americans' voices and inaccurately representing our democracy by assuming that the state's majority is what the entire population wants. The abandonment of the Electoral College would allow minority populations to be heard so our country needs the popular vote in order to provide it's citizens with their constitutional right to a true representative democracy. We want to be the generation that won't put up with this injustice because our peers deserve better. Although the abolishment of the Electoral College will be long and arduous, raising awareness and showing popular displeasure must start somewhere. Please join us in our mission to give Americas their right to be heard!

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