Abdi Ilay should go and face the Justice for Killing, Torturing and displacing his People.

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The Ethiopian Somali Region President Abdi Mohamud Omar (Abdi Iley) is the ouster comes on the heels of growing local, regional and international accusations of widespread abuses in the region. He tortured, killed and the displaced hundreds of Somali civilians in the restive region in eastern Ethiopia.

He has been using the notorious and often lawless paramilitary Liyu Police and until recently the evidence of the abuses has reached the outside world. The Liyu police operate in the same manner as Sudan’s janjaweed militia who are said to be responsible for much of Darfur’s unrest.

The Somali region of Ethiopia is by far the unfortunate land of the 21st century but yet unknown to many due to media blackout that obscures the actual state of things. Being in periphery coupled with ethnic affiliation with Somalia did not help but made matters even worse for Somalis in Ethiopia.

Abdi Iley encouraged by the praise of the generals exercised his power in the many incursions he made into the territory of Somalia proper and Somaliland and killing innocent people including elderly and children.

Therefore, Abdi Iley has no intrinsic power or value. He is a front to TPLF interests. So confronting him is confronting TPLF. We, Somalis, know this. Tigrayans, hands-off our region before it is too late!

There are money examples which can shown the Human Right vailation which did Abdi iley, for instatnce, Jail Ogaden: The Hell Hole that Even the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission Cannot Get In. but, In recent months and weeks Somali diaspora, elders, opposition politicians and activists, both Somalis & other Ethiopians, have put an unrelenting pressure on the federal government to pay an attention to the human rights crisis, corruption, nepotism and maladministration in the region.

Under pressure, the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission sent a team to investigate Jail Ogaden torture camp. However, in a true fashion to the lawlessness in the region, Abdi Iley ordered prison guards to fire in to the sky and scare the EHRC not to enter the Jail. Then, members of the investigative team had to rush to their cars frightened and scared for their life.

There are Some Ongoing conflicts which Abdi Iley is behind.

It is to be recalled that some Scholars and Activists warned that Abdi Iley is working on a bloody conflict between the Garri and Jaarso clans in Tulli-Guuleed Woreda, Jigjiga Zone. There also reported that Abdi Iley was telling the Garri clan that Jaarsos are Oromos and should leave the town. We also reported that tensions were rising high and fistfights were reported at the time. lastly, the conflict erupted between the Gari and Jaarso clans where at least 2 people died while one more is injured. also, the Chinackson Woreda Communication Office accused that Liyu Police of being behind the communal the conflict.

There are also, NGOs with operations in Dollo-Ado suspend operations following the arrest of NGO staff

The lives of people who depend on humanitarian assistance, including refugees and internally displaced people in four camps, is in jeopardy following the suspension of operations by NGOs. This follows after Abdi Iley and corrupt army officials arrested several people, who include a number of NGO staff in the last few days.

The people of Dollo-Ado have said no to the clanish agenda of Abdi Iley and have been protesting against his misrule.

Days ago, Dollo-Ado: Liyu Police killed one person and wound two others in an anti Abdi Iley protest

Ugly scenes in Dollo Ado of Liban zone after Liyu Police fired on demonstrators and killed one person and seriously wounded another. Businesses remain closed and there is fear more punishment will be meted out against the the residents.

All these incidents happened after, the confrontations took place after corrupt Tigrayan military commanders arrested twenty one people night ago, on the orders of Abdi Iley. As it has been reporting for some time, the Tigrayan commanders and some of their politicians are trying to suppress the revolt against Abdi Iley.

It is also to be recalled that after being terrorized and looted by Abdi Iley and his Liyu Police, the people of Dollo Ado finally woke up and chased away Liyu Police from their town about ten days ago.

The peace-loving people of Dolo Ado and all the region have been living in perpetual fear of rape and death for the last ten years. They also suffered due to the economic banditry and monopolization of free trade by Abdi Iley.

Azeb Mesfin and some of her Tigrayan comrades-in-theft continue trying to coerce Somali elders and intellectuals in Addis Ababa to work with Abdi Iley.

Days ago, the elders and intellectuals who gathered in Addis Ababa as protest again Abdi Iley regime has rejected the overtures of the corrupt Azeb Mesfin and some of her Tigrayan accomplices and she left the hotel angrily. Having known only Somalis who always say yes to their orders, they must be shocked to see somalis who are keen to preserve their independence and dignity.

If they continue to keep interfering in the politics of the Somali Region, the rent-seekers may actually wake up to a nasty reprisal on their investments in Jigjiga given the anger among Somalis over their selfish and cruel behaviour.

All those sad evidences and many others which I haven't mentionedAbdi Iley should go and face the justice soon or later..