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Return what you wrongfully stole from us and seek your repayment from the guarantor on the account you used our money to payoff.

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On December 4th 2013  Barb at the Ouray branch of Alpine Bank decided she should withdraw over $11,500 from my wife Wendy's small business account to pay off a debt owed to Alpine Bank by a prior business owner on an inactive account that they just pulled funds back out of after they decided the former owner wasn't credit worthy.  We found out on December 13th when we received an overdraft notice and an additional $80 in charges against our account.   Upon logging onto the online account we saw that they had unannounced taken over $11,500 from our account to pay off the former owners personally guaranteed debt.  When we contacted the bank all the local officers in Montrose claimed they could do nothing about it, that Barb in ouray was in charge and had initiated the transaction.   They weren't apologetic, they weren't understanding and they weren't helpful (with exception of Julie O. but she was powerless to help in the situation).   

Barb claims that she had and has ever right to seize the money because the business names on the account are the same and the EIN is the same.    Many will call me stupid for this, but we purposely did this (bought the stock) to avoid having to re-establish over 50 vendor accounts (wholesalers - with credit apps, deposits, in some cases, etc.)   Barb knew full well that the business had been sold and never bothered to notify us or contact us in any way before seizing our money to pay someone elses personally guaranteed debt.

All we want is for the bank to give us back what they took from us.  We are trying to run a small business here in Montrose and money and clients are tight.   This money was just borrowed by us personally to provide the company some working capital to make it through the winter and now we are in serious financial trouble because of something we had nothing to do with. 

When she opened the account at Alpine Bank, they assured my wife and I that the funds couldn't be touched or pledged by the prior owner and I don't understand how this is any different. 

Please support our petition to get our money back.   We are trying to provide jobs and not be a burden on society and Alpine Bank is doing everything in its power to make sure we are broke and destitute.

Chris Ormsbee

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